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10 Must-Read Social Media & Leadership Stories From December 1-3

1. The Gap enters the China market–tripping, stumbling, and over charging. Their signature 1969 jean doesn’t evoke dreams of the decade of sexual liberation for the Chinese. Instead it may evoke memories of the cultural revolution.

2. It’s a pleasure to be ranked #23 on Evan Carmichael’s Top 50 Leadership Blogs. Thanks for the hat-tip Evan!

3. Learning to think like Zuck. Great post with interesting examples.

4. Forbes has come up with a great hook (and an annoying slide show): The Biggest CEO Screw-Ups of 2010.

5. The inherent risks in social media.

6. Fun list: “7 toxic coworkers you have to avoid.” If the characters mentioned come uncomfortably close to home, I’d suggest running.

7. Here’s a simple but effective method of selling new ideas to your boss.

8. How do you solve the North Korea problem?

9. Kids these days are…wired for distraction. Overreaction or the tip of the iceberg?

10. The truth behind tasteless in-flight meals.