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10 Must-Read Social Media & Leadership Stories From June 28-July 2

1. Are bosses changing and becoming soft, approachable, hugg-able figures in today’s economy? The possible reformation of bosses.

2. Management is a skill that can be learned, but it’s not exactly a profession.

3. Great presentation on how to get people to notice your social media efforts.

4. Good analysis of network versus organizational leadership.

5. The story (and facts) behind narrative leadership.

6. 11 productivity enhancing tips for those “brain dead” days.

7. During a crisis you can’t act like a cowboy .

8. 7 good tips that help you create a content masterpiece…from Bach.

9. Is your blog or company website similar to the unpopular person at high school? Here’s a rescue ladder.

10. Fun discussion on NYC’s recent Russian spy scandal.

Picture Credit: Ocularinvasion