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Social Media Trap Doors

Today it seems that the hottest two topics in the business world are employee engagement and social networking. Despite what you might have been taught, the two actually have a great deal in common. Simply put, communication is the key to engagement and no form of communication is more in vogue then social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook (please don’t even consider Myspace, that’s so 2005).

Wow, seems so easy right? You want to engage, just get on Twitter and boom, you’re there. Not so fast. Social Networking sites might seem like toys, but without some forethought and a truck load of common sense you can really do some damage with 140 characters and a click of your mouse.

The fine folks over at have published an excerpt from Scott Stratten’s latest book UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging. In the excerpt, Stratten talks about The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media and how you can avoid them as you try to engage through social networking.

So do yourself a favor, before you jump on the ol’ interwebs and start jabbering on about what you had for lunch or what your cat is doing every five minutes, take a quick look at and pay heed to Scott Stratten’s The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media. They may not make you an internet superstar, but they might save you from making an on-line mistake that will make people disengage from you faster then you can say “fail whale.”