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Top 5 Leadership & Technology Articles on Bacharach Blog…

The past two weeks have been busy and I’d like to thank everyone for reading  the blog and staying tuned in.  Here’s the top 5 most read leadership stories that I’ve posted in the past two weeks:

1. 6 Reasons to Negotiate: Sometimes negotiating can seem like a waste of time and resources. Make sure you adhere to the following rules before you rush into a potentially long negotiation.

2. The Challenges of Being a Proactive & Senior Leader: Leadership roles, as they get more senior, take on new sets of responsibilities. These new challenges require a different brand of proactive leadership–one that focuses on accountability. Admiral Mullen, in his video, says just this…and more.

3. The Future Face of Social Media: Social media has revolutionized the way we get, digest, and share information. Anyone and everyone can say and read what they want. However, some companies, blogs, and social networking sites are changing how their users are allowed to interact with their information. It’s a new horizon–which will bring positive and negative results.

4. What Cloud Computing Means For Businesses & Leaders: The concept of having all of your data in the ‘cloud’ or online is thrilling. But, what if all your company’s data was online as well? Convenient? Defiantly. Safe? Maybe not. It’s your call as a leader.

5. 5 Leadership Lessons From Mary Stuart & Queen Elizabeth I: Looking at history is a great way to see how different leadership methods and styles worked…and didn’t work. In this post I take a look at the infighting between Mary Stuart and Elizabeth I and found that not making a decision is sometimes better than making a decision.

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The Challenges of Being a Proactive & Senior Leader

Accountability, persistence, and learning from failure are key traits leaders must learn, according to Admiral Mike Mullen.

Adm. Mullen is now the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In other words, he’s the highest ranked person in America’s armed forces. In his engaging interview with the Washington Post he mentions that he has faced two major hiccups in his career that could have left him unemployed….