Funny Leadership Cartoon of the Day 5.12.11

Our Cartoon of the Day comes from The Joy of Tech and it takes on the question: How is Microsoft going to market (and possibly screw-up) Skype?

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10 Social Media and Tech Stories 5/1-5/8

It’s been a pretty crazy week so far, so it’s not out of the question that you might have missed some of the other news going on in the not so life or death world of tech and social media. In case that is in fact the case, we here at The Bacharach Blog offer up 10 stories you could have easily missed. So sit back (not too far we don’t want you falling asleep at work) and enjoy our Top 10 Social Media and Tech stories of the week that was. I am especially fond of Seth Godin’s latest post, it’s #1.


1. Seth Godin’s interesting take on how seeing is not always needed for believing

2. Ten Brilliant Start Ups that Failed To Soon

3. Will Facebook buy skype?                                                                                                                                                                                

4. Useful Photoshop tools and techniques for your workflow 

5.  iPhone apps are a giant business


6.  Android is about to pass it in Size

7. Can I few key people in your company make a huge difference?

8. Don’t let the innovation lab become an ivory tower

9. Why you sometimes can’t use your laptop on a plane

10. Companies that  rank your influence on twitter