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50 Great Leadership Videos

Leadership skills, Execution, Agenda Development, 2.0 Leadership and Inspiration are the focal points of the following 50 leadership videos.

Leadership Skills

1. The importance of believing in your employees. Don’t second guess staff…constantly.

2. Emotional intelligence is vital for leaders. Here’s what to remember.

3. Employee engagement…can be compared to a dance party (scroll down).

4. Knute Rockne, one of Football’s greatest coaches, motivates his players (rare footage).

5. Motivating people can be hard. Sometimes you have to demand great work.

6. How NOT to motivate employees (Funny).

7. The challenge of being a proactive AND senior leader. Admiral Mike Mullen Explains.

8. When is madness visible in leadership? Or, what can Bogart teach us about leading?

9. The role of Ego in leadership. A fine line between helpful and hurtful.

10. Desmond Tutu discusses servant leadership.

11. Richard Feynman tells us to never make assumptions and to always doubt norms.

BLG Leadership Insights

When’s the last time you read The Prince?

The PrinceI’m always struck about how few people have actually read Machiavelli’s The Prince. All leaders should as least have a working familiarity with this text. They should at least understand the key issues Machiavelli talks about. After all, the Prince is essentially a CEO managing Florence and politics is part and parcel of organizational life.

In our culture Machiavellianism has become a diffuse cliche implying cunning and duplicity…