Leadership On the Edge

Global Top 20 Companies for Leadership

Benchmarking top leadership companies is useful for learning. However, copying practices that apply and work for one company may not work in the environment of your own. These lists and their criteria remind one that competition demands appropriate leadership cultivation.

Take a look at the Hay Group’s list of global top 20 companies in terms of leadership.

Here’s how they ranked the companies:

“The 2010 study reveals that Best Companies for Leadership are at the forefront of a major shift. They are moving away from traditional structures where direction comes from on high, via a strict hierarchy. The way they work is more like a global neural network, a matrix where ad-hoc arrangements are as important as formal structures. These are the firms that are ready to compete in a complex, global, multicultural marketplace.

  • 100% give everyone, at every level, the chance to develop and practice leadership vs. 69.2% of respondents globally
  • 100% encourage local leaders to participate in HQ decisions compared to 71.8% of global peer firms
  • 95% have programs designed to blend expats with local culture (only 42% of peers do this)
  • 100% promote work/life balance vs. 63.3% of global peers
  • 90% reward collaboration across the business. Only 65.9%of global respondents do this.
And this year’s survey shows once more that good leadership pays. The Top 20 give over 36x better shareholder returns than the S&P 500 in a five-year period.”