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10 Social Media and Leadership Stories on the Tragedy in Japan

It’s been a pretty heady and devastating week, but here are ten important and sometimes disturbing social media and leadership stories that deal with the Tragedy in Japan. The beautiful photo to the left was taken on 3.15.11 in Nagoya, Japan by ka_tate.

1. Tips from the Better Business Bureau on Donating to Earthquake relief efforts in Japan

2. Real-Time Japan News Resources

3. Tweeting in Japan: The Good, the Bad, and the Panicked

4. Japan’s Emperor Akihito reassures citizens in rare address

5. Growth After Disaster: Going Beyond Resilience

6. Anderson Cooper live Tweets from Japan

7. Wikileaks reveals Government warned about nuclear safety in 2008

8. Instant Stupidity: How idiotic and insensitive  comments and attempts at humor can’t hide in the world of social media

9. New disaster-centric phone apps already being rolled out

10. Flaws in Japan’s Leadership?