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Tech CEO Report Card

As a leader you want to be liked, or if you can make it happened…loved. If you can get and keep people on your side they tend to spend more time working and less time huddling in cubicles. quietly but passionately complaining about the boss. With this concept/desire in mind, the ever vigilant folks over at have just released a employee-generated report card for the CEO’s of the 12 largest tech companies. From Google’s much loved but soon to be ex-CEO Eric Schimidt (96%) to Microsoft’s not-so-adored Steve Ballmer (40%) the list gives us a decent snapshot of how these organizations are faring from the inside out. If your like me and you want to get a head start on next year’s Tech CEO Fantasy League draft, check out the entire list and anaysis at

p.s. I am not sure there is an actual Fantasy League for CEOs, if there is please send me the link



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