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Top 10 Social Media Links For Leaders: Nov. 16-20

next *1. 7 mistakes people often make with email…and how to correct them. Very useful.

2. A list of great facts and tips that will help you get more Twitter followers. Focus on content first.

3. How much time should you invest in social media? Here’s a good benchmark.

4. Here’s some interesting analysis on Google’s new OS. Will it give Windows a run for its money? Eh, Maybe.

5. Sharp look at social media and how you can measure it. Great examples included.

6.  Social Media 4.0? Outstanding facts and figures are explored in this compelling video.

7. Does your company get Twitter? Probably not, but they aren’t alone.

8. Some great tips about blogging, blog-time-management (TM?), and how to avoid distractions.

9. Forget laborious manual transcriptions. Google is now automatically transcribing some YouTube content.

10. And…if you haven’t checked it out already head to to discover great Twitter lists.



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