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Will Google Wave Kill Email & Facebook: Two Sides to Every Trend [Video]

google_wave_logoGoogle wave, if you buy their message, will “change the way we email.”

And if you are a tech junkie or a developer enthusiast Google Wave has probably made your month year. But will it change the way we do email? Will it replace Facebook and take the social networking lead?

Here’s what the two camps are saying:

Fans: Yes, Google Wave is the Future

1. It has the power to make online collaborations possible…in real time.

2. Developers can make a endless amount of apps… (both free & priced) making the platform dynamic and adaptable. These apps can help you do voice to text or perhaps translate a conversation for you (again, in real time!).

3. Google wave will help business get things done on a larger scale.

4. It can even help teachers interact and teach their students!

5.  People are fickle online. It’s not hard to imagine a mass immigration into Google Wave. Just look at dwindling Myspace and Friendstr networks.

Cynics: No, Google Wave Won’t be a Tsunami

1. Google can’t compete with Facebook and Linkedin who already have a strong brand in the social networking market.

2. It’s to complicated and clustered. It’s not as easy to dive into as email and Facebook are.

3. Sure, it will change the way we look at email and social networking…but only marginally.

4. It works on Chrome and Firefox. What about for everyone else?

5. It just looks like a big waste of time that will kill office productivity.

6. Google has great ideas, but has trouble following through. Just look at Google Docs.

7. Really, something called “Wave” is going to change the face of email and social networking? It doesn’t even sound cool.


Google Wave will definitely force people to see their email and social networking accounts in a new light. Alone, that is worth a lot. However, it may take some time for Google Wave, or their competition, to produce a platform that works on both a personal and professional level. So far my biggest concern is that Google Wave is to complex for a simple chat with your friends and too distracting for someone in an office with a deadline. Essentially is an odd combination of Facebook and Microsoft Outlook…in real time.



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