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You Might Have Missed…

The past two weeks have been busy with work and barbecues, so you might have missed these leadership articles:

  1. When Self-Interest Is Not An Excuse Not to Lead: Leaders can’t let their self-interest get in the way of making tough decisions.
  2. 3 Generations & Social Technology: Let’s face it: we’re getting older and technology is getting newer. How does this affect the corporate culture generation gap?
  3. 3 Tested Strategies to Empower Employees: 3 simple rules that are often forgotten by busy leaders.
  4. Leadership Lessons From Richard Feynman: One of the greatest scientists from the 20th century has a lot to say about leadership–even though it might not be apparent right away.
  5. The Future of Media Distribution: Leaders must stay on top their industry trends, as shown perfectly in the media distribution business.

Enjoy the articles and enjoy the remainder of the weekend. Over the next week we’ll be looking at leadership lessons from a wide variety of sources.



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