Mastering the Skills of
Pragmatic Leadership™

BLG will give your leaders the specific skills needed to become Pragmatic Leaders™
and turn ideas into results.

Now is the time to master new leadership skills.

Uncertainty and changing expectations demand pragmatic leaders who have the skills to proactively move agendas

In a fluid uncertain world, working in complex often multifaceted, competitive  and siloed organizations,  BLG uniquely focuses on those interpersonal, political and  behavioral skills that will allow , discovery and delivery.

The Pragmatic Leadership™ Model

The Pragmatic Leadership™ model was developed by Professor Samuel B. Bacharach, Co-Founder of Bacharach Leadership Group (BLG), during a span of 30 years, fusing academic rigor and real-world relevance. Bacharach, the McKelvey-Grant Emeritus Professor at Cornell University, decoded the skills by which pragmatic leaders break organizational inertia and move agendas to get things done. This framework was enhanced by psychotherapist, executive coach and BLG Co-Founder, Yael S. Bacharach, whose work on coaching skills has been critical in helping leaders manage their teams and translate ideas into execution. BLG’s proven methodology, outlined in the Pragmatic Leadership™ book series, is about leading for discovery and delivery across 4 critical competencies:

Results and Benefits

BLG’s leadership training will deliver real business impact to your organization by:

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Collaboration with OFC

The BLG Pragmatic Leadership program teaches leaders to be Agenda Movers.

Our training modules, Published books and facilitative workshops have introduced many organizations to the core skills of Political and Managerial Competencies that are necessary for moving ideas in organizations.

In an effort to expand our platform, we are now partnering with OFC ( Armed with strong technical capability and expertise in creative and strategic multimedia communications, OFC provides BLG with the technology and platform to collaborate in pursuing our common interest of helping organizations thrive. BLG is excited about working with Jordan Berman, OFC Founder & CEO, and his talented team, as we elevate and expand this partnership going forward.

Unique experience in virtual training

BLG is unique in having two decades of virtual training experience. At BLG we understand that virtual training depends on quality content but will succeed only with engagement and interaction. Virtual training has to be content rich, synchronist and intimate.

BLG’s team has 15 years experience developing on line courses in partnership with e Cornell. Now, in the context of the challenges and demands, BLG team has integrated its pragmatic Leadership training series into a modularized synchronist learning experience which can be tailored quickly for content and time to be aligned with your organizational needs. 

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Become a Pragmatic Leader

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BLG’s trainers…shared insights which gave me new perspectives on how to achieve great results in business…as a result a $1M opportunity for my company has now become several times larger. Thank you BLG.

Andrew Williams Senior Vice President, Capital Markets Services SunGard Financial System

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