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Top 10 Social Media Links For Leaders: Dec. 14-18

cpu1. Social media explained in 4 minutes by co-founder of, Alexis Ohanian

2. 6 social media trends we can expect to see in 2010.

3. Location based social networking sites haven’t had the best luck (Meetro), but Foursquare might break the cycle.

4. Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, replies to Rupert Murdoch’s wish to ‘hide’ content from search engines.

5. From blogging to publishing. 6 bloggers turned authors talk about getting traffic, attention, and fans.

6. 7 great pointers on how to promote your personal or professional podcast.

7. 10 tips to help you or your business track and optimize tweets.

8. Learn leadership lessons the 2.o way: ‘LeaderSkilz’ have another great video.

9. The business (and facts) of social media explained–on Youtube.

10. If you’re still haven’t caught up with every 2.0 trend, don’t worry. You can fax in your tweets.