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Overcoming Fear: Public Speaking

Public speaking. Scary stuff. In the hierarchy of fears, Glossophobia is up there with heights, flying and death. Most of us have had that nightmare where we find ourselves giving a presentation in front of a large group of peers sans pants. Scary stuff. So what is a person to do? Are there some quick tips that will put you on the road to overcoming this common fear? Glad you asked.

In an insightful article from American Express’, the founder and CEO of GrowBiz Media, Rieva Lesonsky offers up 6 steps to overcoming your fear of public speaking. Lesonsky, who is a widely recognized small-business expert and author of the bestselling book Start Your Own Business does a wonderful and concise job of breaking down the steps and skills you will need to become a more confident public speaker.

So the next time you have to give a presentation in front of hundreds of  judgemental co-workers, don’t call in sick. Take a deep breath, place your shaking hand on your mouse and click this link. Oh and don’t forget to wear pants.

6 Steps to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking.