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kitchen debate

  1. The elements of the perfect business email.
  2. Are performance reviews on the way out?
  3. Four useful team management guidelines.
  4. Put your phone down. Boredom might be useful.
  5. The case against trying to wake up early. It’s OK to hit the snooze button.
  6. How to switch industries in the middle of your career (video).
  7. Daniel Kahneman warns us against overconfidence.
  8. How to fall back in love…with your job.
  9. The tools you need to work from anywhere in the world.
  10. On this day in history a great negotiation happened…in a model kitchen. Leaders always have to be ready.




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Top 10 Compelling Proactive Leadership Links: Dec. 1-5


1. Couldn’t agree more. “It’s not enough to have a good idea.” – Walter Isaacson

2. How to be Chief Innovation Officer. Step one: Go on stealth mode.

3. Companies aren’t creative because they have quirky chairs.

4. Timeless tips to put an end to meetings that drag on and on and on…

5. Perhaps the secret ingredient to creativity is, wait for it… stupidity?

6. Introverted leaders can and should harness the power of social media.

7. A pragmatic guide to dealing with dull, boring assignments.

8. What’s your email password? I bet there’s a story behind it. 

9. Practical advice for handling the inevitable workplace conflict.

10. On a lighter note: A news story leaders should fix.


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Top 10 Compelling Proactive Leadership Links: Oct. 20-24

Ben Franklin Productivity

  1. How to make a decision like Ike. Eisenhower’s thought process explained.
  2. Should leaders consider speed to be the end all be all? We have to remember, speed kills.
  3. Leaders, sometimes it is not only OK to be ruthless, but it is essential
  4. A complete look at how Benjamin Franklin got things done. Worth study and imitation.
  5. Ignore emotional intelligence at your own risk.
  6. How to follow your dreams: Step 1 – Don’t Take Rejection Personally.
  7. Mark Zuckerberg studies Mandarin. Should you?
  8. “What I dream of is an art of balance…an art which could be for every mental worker, for the businessman as well as the man of letters.” – Matisse. An essay and the artist at work.
  9. Did F. Scott Fitzgerald innovate football?
  10. And, in case you were wondering, here’s why you will be carving pumpkins this weekend.
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This Week’s 10 Best Leadership Links [May 6-10]

printing pressHere are this week’s 10 best leadership links–hot off the presses:

1. A well made slideshow describing why some people get stuck and advice on how to get unstuck.

2. Title says it all: 7 employees you should fire now.

3. Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has retired this week. Here are his 7 secrets for CEOs.

4. Don’t bore your employees. Keep it short and entertaining.

5. A few alternatives to PowerPoint worth looking into.

6. Interview gaffs you really shouldn’t be making.

7. 13 “timeless” lessons from David Ogilvy, the father of advertising. Copywriters, managers, and leaders can learn much from his observations.

8. A good review of Jonah Berger’s new book Contagious. Learn how to make your ideas contagious.

9. The hardest leadership lesson you’ll ever learn.

10. Lastly, are you a East Coast or West Coast type of leader? An interview with David Steinberg.

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This Week’s 10 Best Leadership Links [April 22-26]

leadership linksThis week learn what type of boss you really are and discover the creative energy one can gain from mongoose ownership. Without further ado here are this week’s 10 best leadership links:

1. Do you talk about TV too much? Perhaps it’s time to curb your TV musings while in the office…or when hiring new employees.

2. Prospect magazine polled over 10,000 people to find out who the biggest intellectuals of 2013 were. Leaders should be familiar with the results.

3. The 6 types of bosses. Which are you?

5. A list of weird habits from literary greats. Leaders take note: there’s no need to be normal. Climb a tree naked or own a mongoose.

6. How will ‘Big Data‘ change your industry? Your leadership?

7. Perhaps being too busy is hurting your leadership ability. A good, thoughtful article.

8. Are you a good boss or an amazing one?

9. Make sure that you aren’t the roadblock to your own success. Here are 3 ways great leaders hold themselves back.

10. A detailed info-graphic explaining how to motive your employees.

A humorous bonus: The power of intuition…or is it guessing?