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Ego Champ

In “Champion”, Kanye West poses the self-referential question, “Did you realize that you are a champion in their eyes?”

By the final verse, West decisively answers the query: “Yes I did”.

West, often derided for his blinding hubris, certainly suffers (or benefits) from a case of acute bravado. However, West has cunningly co-opted this haughty bombast into his brand. With five platinum albums, fourteen Grammys, and a massive hip hop empire, West often flaunts his success in almost satirically extreme fashion (see tweet: “Just looking at my closet, wool suits, fedoras, trenches and furs…I’m bout to put fall in the hospital…Ima hurt the season”) (Kanye West Twitter).


With this strategic bombast, why is West so often critiqued as someone who consistently slips into a winning for the sake of winning ego trap? West descends into this Charlie Sheen-esque “Winning” ego trap when he shifts his attention to petty fights.

First, famously, at the VMAs, West leapt onto stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance of the Best Female Video award. Bleeding credibility and career momentum, West seized the microphone and announced that Beyoncé deserved the prize instead. Soon after, West apologized in characteristic, bombastic West fashion:

“I’m in the wrong for going on stage…[but] Beyoncé’s video was the best of this decade!!!!” (Entertainment Weekly, 9/13/09).

Similarly, West was arrested twice in 2008 for clashing with paparazzi. In the first incident, West smashed a photographer’s camera in Los Angeles International Airport. Later in November, he was again arrested for scraping a paparazzo’s nose in a scuffle. He responded to these arrests with a blog post asking: “Who’s winning, me or the media” (Guardian, 11/17/08).

These incidents join similar situations where West has initiated fights with President Bush, Matt Lauer, and 50 Cent. While these fights may sustain West’s brand in some fashion, they ultimately detract from his sales and sink his hip-hop agenda. Therefore, while West can embrace a bombastic ego, he must avoid winning for the sake of winning if he wants to preserve his empire.

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10 Social Media and Tech Stories 5/1-5/8

It’s been a pretty crazy week so far, so it’s not out of the question that you might have missed some of the other news going on in the not so life or death world of tech and social media. In case that is in fact the case, we here at The Bacharach Blog offer up 10 stories you could have easily missed. So sit back (not too far we don’t want you falling asleep at work) and enjoy our Top 10 Social Media and Tech stories of the week that was. I am especially fond of Seth Godin’s latest post, it’s #1.


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8. Don’t let the innovation lab become an ivory tower

9. Why you sometimes can’t use your laptop on a plane

10. Companies that  rank your influence on twitter

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5 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Business

We all want to find new ways to use social media. Tweeting about what you had for lunch or how much you hate/love your local sports team probably won’t get you much new business. Therefore it’s imperative that you listen to the pros as often as possible in order to get things done efficiently through social media. Here is a great article from ZDNet and TechRepublic’s Toni Bowers on the 5 Ways to Use Social Media to Propel Business Forward. Check it out and let us know if you think these ideas will work for you.

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10 Tech and Social Media Stories 4.11.11

Ten Tech and Social Media stories you need to read:

1. Paypal’s Peter Thiel Claims We’re in a Bubble and it’s not the internet

2. Waiting for a Kidney? Try Facebook

3. Zappo CEO Tony Hsieh on Empowerment

4. 3 Ways to Use Twitter Favorites

5. Google Translate: How to sell in Mexico when you don’t speak Spanish

6. Does “The Man” have too much power?

7. Winklevoss Twins can’t un-friend Facebook agreement

8. Can’t Afford It? Rent Photoshop

9. Facebook reaches deal with Baidu

10. Highest Paying CEO’s still not hiring (video)

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6 Funny Leadership and Social Media Cartoons

Of late we have talked about a lot of very serious topics in relation to social media and leadership. So on a lighter note, check out these six funny social media and business cartoons. We could all use a laugh.

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6. What we really do online at work