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50 Great Leadership Videos

Leadership skills, Execution, Agenda Development, 2.0 Leadership and Inspiration are the focal points of the following 50 leadership videos.

Leadership Skills

1. The importance of believing in your employees. Don’t second guess staff…constantly.

2. Emotional intelligence is vital for leaders. Here’s what to remember.

3. Employee engagement…can be compared to a dance party (scroll down).

4. Knute Rockne, one of Football’s greatest coaches, motivates his players (rare footage).

5. Motivating people can be hard. Sometimes you have to demand great work.

6. How NOT to motivate employees (Funny).

7. The challenge of being a proactive AND senior leader. Admiral Mike Mullen Explains.

8. When is madness visible in leadership? Or, what can Bogart teach us about leading?

9. The role of Ego in leadership. A fine line between helpful and hurtful.

10. Desmond Tutu discusses servant leadership.

11. Richard Feynman tells us to never make assumptions and to always doubt norms.

BLG Leadership Insights

Reviewing the Twitter Club: 3 Generations & Social Technology

Yesterday, we looked at how 3 different generations interact with and process the internet, social technology, and social media.

Here’s our matrix:

Social Technology and The Generation Gap
The Glibbers The Roamers The Clingers
Real Time Short Term Long Term
Bits of Information Chunks of Information Complete Information
Coded words Quick Sentences Full Pages
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So, in most cases, the younger generation of office workers is compromised mostly of Glibbers while the older generation is, by and large, comprised of Clingers. That leaves the Roamers–the in-between group who are captivated by technology, use it, but are generally a step behind.

Why is this important?…